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Our Programs

Your child will step in to a new life in our early childhood education programs…

Making learning fun is at the core of Kaptan Prechool. Each day, your child selects activities and materials to discover, explore and invent in his/her own imaginative and creative way
Our early childhood education programs provides a warm environment where your child makes healthy choices, explores a growing awareness of the environment and develops social skills while interacting with others.
Our learning centers provides our children opportunies to discover, seize success while learning, develops problem solving skills and team work comprehension

We implement our thematic-based programs in a stimulating environment with fun. We allow activities to develop creativity, problem solving, mathematics, experimental studies, social and emotional skills, eye-hand coordination in our programs.

The curriculum focuses on compleating social and emotional skills, intellectual and physical development. Our programs are enriched with music, gymnastics, dans and social activities. Outside playground games as well are important in our daily routins.

In Kaptan Preschool Fener, the curriculum is implemented in English. Please click “activities” for activities.

We believe that the strenght of our programs and the quality of our servise is possible with devotion of our educating team.


Program: 3 Year Olds Step by step, your child will make great evelopmental trides in our 3 year olds program
Our teachers implements programs to provide for your child’s appropriate progress in a fun and active learning environment

Through our 3 year old program, our plan daily activities in a bright and cheery childcare environment to encourage your child’s's eager investigation. Within the consistent structure 3 year olds crave, your child will enjoy a daily balance of quiet activities, spirited music and movement and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping. Starting with 3 year old’s, our programs are enriched with music, gymnastics and dance branch lessons.

Program: 4 Year Olds Imagine seeing your child flourish and grow in our individualized 4 year olds learning program.
Bright classrooms and large playgrounds create a fun backdrop for your child's 4 year olds education, paving the way to success.
In our 4 year olds curriculum, your child will thrive for math, science, gymnastics, dance, imaginary play, music and creative art. All our activities are designed for both shared and independent learning opportunities. Our certificated teachers engages your child throughout development.

Program: 5 Year Olds Rest easy. In our 5 year olds programs, your child's future education success is in reliable hands.
We would like you to know the difference in our preschool programs, we can make in your child's readiness for primary school and life.

In our preschool, 5 Year old programs and curriculum are based on developing social skills, mastery of motor skills and preparedness to 6 year old programs. Each day, Our teachers balance your child's opportunities for independent discovery, cooperative learning and generous outdoor playtime, all leading to upper class. All 5 year old groups are reinforced with dance, music, gymnastics, and creative art lessons provided by competent branch teachers.

Program: 6 Year Olds With our 6 year olds program, you can be sure your child is prepared for 'big school' success.
Trust Our 6 Year olds programs to help your child gain exceptional skills for preschool fulfillment and a love of learning in the future.
When you consider that your child's kindergarten experience can set the stage for lifelong achievement, you'll appreciate our programs and curriculum for 6 year olds.

In a secure, small group environment, our teachers provide your child the individual attention required at this stage in development.