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Our aim is not to teach our children a new language but make sure they gain it. Our children learn English by hearing it all day long as they learn their native language. The implementation of this programme is provided by qualified and certified native English speaking teachers. It is scientifically proven that the ability of learning a new language at early ages is much easier. Based on this approach in 2009 Kaptan Preschool Fener (Çağlayan) was opened.

Kaptan Preschool is an English speaking early childhood education institute and reflects Kaptan Yuva’s (Opened in 1997) experience and all programs, curriculula, activities are specifically researched, prepared and implemented based on Kaptan Yuva’s (Turkish) curriculum. All classrooms all activities, lessons, games, events, songs are implemented in English by certified English speaking native teachers . Our aim is to make sure our children have the ability of speaking English before they start their primary education. In all classes beside native English Teachers an assistant Turkish Teacher is always present.

All programs implemented and materials used for our children’s education are in English and they are specifically choosen to improve their mental, emotional, intellectual developments and support active participation. As per our curricula implemented, in every group age and every stage of education, skills such as creativity, curiosity and joy of exploration are encouraged developed.

If you would like to have more information about our school, standards, programs implemented or any other questions that may arise, please examine our website or simply contact us. We would be happy to assist you and answer your questions.