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We Are Aware

Did you ever think how exciting and at the some time a little scary it is for your child the first time that they leave home and start a new life?

Here at Kaptan Preschool we are fully aware of this and share their feelings and excitement:

Therefore as a Team, we are aware of the following facts;

  •  That the profession that we have chosen is our job.
  • That we are always improving and aiming to be the best since day one. It gives us great pleasure to be able to pass on the experience that we have gained since that time.
  • To have a program archive, that is refreshed every year to follow the innovations in early childhood education and care.
  • That we are proud of our ability to coach and assist successful teachers in their professions,
  • That we have a responsibility to give life abilities to your children during their time with us,
  • To have a professional team with whom you can share any problems and to be able to decide together how to act to overcome these problems if any occur,
  • That it is of vital importance to share any possible negations that may occur when you leave your child with us in trust…